Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Car Fire Extinguisher Made in Magelang Bestsellers in Saudi Until Nigeria

Fire trucks made ​​Magelang, Central Java sells at Trade Expo Indonesia 2012 JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta. The products are sold in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and others.

     General Manager of PT Sentosa Fire Fighting Technology Vivianne Novita explain fire truck made ​​by PT Sentosa Fire sells to be marketed throughout the world.

     "Since the first day the book was a lot of starting Manchuria Until Saudi Arabia," as reported by detikFinance (19/10/2012).

     In addition, some countries in East Asia ordered 62 units of fire trucks. In addition to Manchuria, was Vietnam who ordered 20 units of fire trucks and 40 units from the Philippines.

     "They booked a car fire on us, not only that today Nigeria also ordered 12 units of fire trucks for the airport," he said.

     Price per unit of fire trucks made ​​Magelang approximately U.S. $ 500 thousand. Vivianne claimed a fairly high price due to all the equipment and cars imported from foreign countries, while imports alias design and assembly is done in the city of Magelang. Fire truck itself divided into two fire extinguishers airport and the city.

     "Normally we use the car brand Mercedes and Hino's price could reach USD 1-2 billion, not to mention our pump to come from Germany, the price is expensive but other countries are very interested in local than Indonesia," he added.

     Indeed, the car market is recognized Vivianne fire is 60% for exports and 40% for local Indonesia. The company was getting ready to sign a car unit 400 airport and city fire will be sent to Jeddah.

     "Get ready we will autograph 400 units tomorrow which we will send to Jeddah. Our unlimited profits, "he concluded.